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Watercolour – Rockin’ Robin Card

Step 1

Work out who’s at the top of your Christmas card list. They are the chosen one and shall receive this mighty Christmas offering. Fold a sheet of A4 watercolour paper in half. Use a fine-liner pencil to draw a pyramid of circles. Add some cute little beaks and give the top robin a Santa hat.

Step 2

A little birdie told us you’re a dab hand with watercolours, so you’ll love the next bit. Add a touch of water to some yellow paint and get those robins looking on beak. When the beaks are done, mix a watery red and paint the bodies. Then, add just a touch of orange to highlight the tummies. Don’t forget to paint the Santa hat and give some of the robins their wings.

Step 3

Allow everything to dry before finishing in a flourish. Take your black liner and outline the beaks. Then give each little robin a pair of eyes. For extra added adorbs, draw skinny legs on your robins and outline the Santa hat. Then, post the card off to your mate and glory will be yours.

This is what you’ll need

  • Brushes
    •A4 watercolour paper
    •Glass of water
    •Fine-liner pencil (not available from Reeves)
    •Black pen (not available from Reeves)You can get all of these items in the Reeves watercolour complete set (Barcode: 780804862102). Or why not create your own mix with one of our assorted colours sets and brush packs sold separately. You’ll find everything you need with a stockist below or from online.

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