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Acrylic – Fiendish Family Portraits

Step 1

Help your sister stay on fleek for Halloween. With one flick of a paint brush, she’ll love you forever. Let’s begin – you’ll need a tasty print-out of your chosen victim, with some wall space in the background. Load a brush with black paint and begin to draw some jagged lines to form a large cross.

Step 2

Add some black holes along the lines. Paint a large hole where the lines meet. Let this dry.

Step 3

Take some white paint and draw two circles in the large hole – these will form eyes. Now add some green irises and two black dots for pupils. Put your finished masterpiece in a picture frame and tell your fam they’re #blessed to have someone like you.

This is what you’ll need

•Photo print-outs
•Acrylic Paint
•Glass of water
•Photo frame (not available from Reeves)

You can get all of these items in the Reeves acrylic complete set (Barcode: 780804862096). Or why not create your own mix with one of our assorted colours sets and brush packs sold separately. You’ll find everything you need with a stockist below or from online.

Share your work with the world

Tag your masterpiece with #wearereeves. We’ll feature the best on our Instagram page.

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