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How to Care for Paint Brushes

We wouldn’t be artists without our brushes. They are the foundation of our masterpieces, where our inspiration flows through, the tools we use to bring our imagination to life. Depending on your project, it is important to choose the correct brushes for the job. The type of brush depends on what kind of paint you are using and even the surface you are painting on. Brushes range from flat to round, fan to bright and the list goes on so your brush choices are endless.

Reeves paint brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fulfil all your arty desires. By using different paint brushes, you can perfect your masterstroke and adopt new paint brush techniques to keep under your beret. When adding paint brushes to your art box you must know how to properly care for them as they are delicate tools that must be cleaned and stored appropriately. By maintaining your brushes accordingly, you will not only make them last longer, but they will continue to deliver wonderful results project after project, stroke after stroke.

How to Clean Paint Brushes

Taking care of your crafty wands is important. You must learn how to properly clean and store paint brushes after each project to ensure they are in great shape and ready for their next art attack. When it comes to cleaning paint brushes first things first, as soon as you are finished painting, clean your brushes right away before the paint dries. This rule is especially important if you are painting with acrylic or watercolour as these components dry quickly can often lead to needing a whole new brush if you don’t get it cleaned in time. Don’t think you are off the hook with oil paints – although this medium takes longer to dry than its fellow paints, the longer it is left seeping, the more difficult your clean up job will become. Be sure not to neglect your brushes and you will prolong their lifespan.

Now its time to learn how to properly clean your Reeves paint brushes. Unfortunately, a simple rinse under the tap won’t do. Follow these simple steps to get your brushes brand sparkling new!

  • Place brushes between paper towel or a cloth and gently squeeze out the excess paint.
  • Give your brushes a swirl in a jar of some fresh, clean water to make sure all leftover paint is removed.
  • For this next step you will need soap. You can get your arty hands on special artists soap, or if you don’t have this, don’t worry, regular hand-washing soap or even shampoo will do the trick. Rinse your brushes under lukewarm water then add some soap onto the brush gently using your fingers to work the soap through bristle by bristle. Rinse and repeat.
  • Be sure to get right in to the ferule (the base of the brush) because if this is not cleaned properly, residue may build and affect the shape of your bristles from route to tip.
  • Before you begin the drying process, make sure all paint has been removed. Repeat the soap and rinse step as many times as needed to make sure your brushes are paint free.
  • Once your brushes are bare of all paint, give them a shake and wrap them up in a cloth or paper towel and carefully squeeze out the excess water.
  • Lay your brushes down flat in a place where they will be safe and leave them to dry.
  • Voilà! Your paint brushes are ready for their next arty expedition through your colourful imagination.

How to Store Paint Brushes

You have learned how to clean your precious creativity wands, now its time to learn how to properly store these delicate tools. When it comes to storing these precious visionary utensils you must be mindful that they are not kept somewhere where they may be exposed to damage. If you have a designated workspace where all your creative magic happens, you can simply leave them horizontally on your work surface, or maybe you have a workspace shelf you can leave them on.

The most important thing is to make sure the tips of your brushes are not resting against one another or anything else as this can cause damage to the bristles and they may become misshapen. There are several ways to store your Reeves paint brushes other than leaving them out in the open. Brush holders are ideal for not only protecting them but keeping them organised – a lovely addition to your work station. If you are more of a tidy artist, why not invest in a brush box kitted out with individual holders to ensure safe keepings for those precious tools of yours.

Some artists choose to roll their brushes in canvas sleeves or a bamboo roll-up. Great for transporting brushes, some sleeves even come with pockets for brushes to ensure complete protection.

At Reeves, we believe that the tools we use as artists are every bit as important as the masterpieces we create. Without our nifty utensils our art would not be possible. Therefore, we must look after them with care to make sure they are long lasting and always ready at hand for the next masterstroke. With carefully looked after paint brushes, you can set your imagination free and let your fingers do the work as you put brush to surface and create colourful and ingenious magic on the page in front of you.

Your used brushes and some fresh clean water, soap, paper towel / cloth!

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