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Make your own Paint by Numbers

It is a form of art that is not only enjoyable but simple to follow for artists of all levels. A fantastic activity for all ages, paint by numbers is the ultimate way to master your arty skills and discover a project that is fun and uplifting. Simply follow the code of numbers which match specific colours to fill in the shapes and watch a masterpiece arise before your very eyes. Turn something bland and bare into a wonderous and colourful work of art, created by you!

At Reeves, we offer our own paint by numbers kits that you can bring home, unwrap and you’re ready to get started. However, if you’re looking for a craft challenge, why not make your own paint by numbers. This is a unique way to release your inspiration and use your imaginative ideas to create something original to you and your own style. This is a fantastic way to undergo your very own challenge by using your art skills and then continuing your project by completing the paint by number you have made. Share with friends or give as a gift. Through paint by numbers, you can learn to become a better artist by improving your paint by numbers skills and perfecting your hand coordination. Use our handy guide on what steps to take towards creating your very own paint by numbers original piece.

Transform your Favourite Photo

Find inspiration through something that is meaningful to you or tells a story. Choose a photo from your favourite holiday, a memorable night with friends or your beloved dog or cat and transform it into a wonderful work of art by making your own paint by numbers. You can even use a copy of your favourite artist’s work and put your own spin on it with your colourful and inventive style. The exciting part of choosing to replicate a photo is that you don’t have to copy colour for colour. Think outside the craft box and choose a range of vibrant shades to give your picture an entire new look. There are no rules with colour choice so unleash your creative mind and create splashes of pastels or bold tones and watch them team together to make an impressive end result.

Once you have your chosen photo, get your crafty fingers on some Reeves tracing paper paired with Reeves graphite pencils and some carbon paper. Simply place your tracing paper over your photo, put pencil to fingertips and start tracing your image. Once your tracing is complete, place your tracing paper over the carbon paper and add another layer of pencil over your traced image using enough pressure for the image to copy onto the carbon paper.

Now you have your outline its time to decide what colours you are going to use and where. Acrylic paints are recommended for this type of project and at Reeves, we have a wide range of acrylic paints where you can choose from every colour of the rainbow and beyond. Choosing your palette is the fun part! Are you feeling a pastels vibe of soft and delicate tones? Or the energy of strong and bold shades that appear striking to any passing eye? Whatever your choice, make sure you choose colours that compliment one another once they are draped on the page.

Numbering your Image

Its time to make your code! This is exciting, especially if you are making your paint by numbers to give to someone as a gift, but equally it is a great artistic challenge.

  • Simply make a code of colours and number each colour.
  • Choose which colour you wish to make each shape and add that specific colour’s number to the shape in light pencil but not too light that you can’t see it.
  • Voilà! You are ready to begin matching colours and numbers and create a wonderful masterpiece!

Paint by Numbers Gifts

There is nothing more sentimental than a gift made personally by you. A perfect idea for a loved one’s birthday or to give to the whole family for the holidays. Making your own paint by numbers to share with the people you love is a special and unique way to share your talent and inspiration with others.

Get creative with your paint by numbers gifts by recreating photos of you and your family or friends or your recipients favourite holiday destination. By reinventing memories with your own colourful and exclusive twist, you are bound to not only impress your recipients but give them something meaningful that they can treasure forever.

Once you have completed you paint by numbers gifts, take your crafting to the next level of artistic tiers by using your Reeves acrylic paint to decorate wrapping paper or a gift box, tied up beautifully with ribbon. Your family and friends won’t believe the thought and effort put into their incredible gifts – which of course, is so much fun to make. Get your paint stained hands on everything you need for making your own paint by numbers by finding your local Reeves supplier.

  • Graphite pencils
  • Carbon paper
  • Tracing paper
  • Acrylic paint
  • A photo of your choice
  • Your colourful imagination

Share your work with the world

Tag your masterpiece with #wearereeves. We’ll feature the best on our Instagram page.

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