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Paint Brushes for Acrylic Paint

When you are starting a new art project, craft or painting it can be overwhelming when it comes to selecting the right brush for using with oil and acrylic paint. Stop your search and trust Reeves as your emergency room for the right medicine. With a vast array of durable brushes at your disposable for creating colour-rich, toned or transparent effects, Reeves are your one-stop brand for quality art products.

It can be easy to be distracted with the many brushes on the market – but which should you choose to work with? Our experts have created a unique range of hand-held brushes to exude class, comfort and quality.

Apply strokes of genius to your creativity and artwork using the correct paint brushes when using acrylic paint. Matching like salt and pepper perfectly to season your work with Reeves acrylic paint, our essential art brushes have been meticulously produced to give artists of all abilities the perfect utensils to work with.

Enjoy an Acrylic Paint Party 

So, you have found yourself reaching out for acrylic paint for your masterpiece allowing you to achieve spectacular results on a variety of surfaces, even metal with its buttery like consistency. The beauty of using acrylic paint for your handiwork is that water-based colours spread out further, look stronger and have more durability. This fast-drying paint is water-soluble which handily becomes water-resistant when dry – you won’t have to worry about dramas or accidents.

They joy of the activity of acrylic painting is that it can be diluted with water for a thinner consistency, can be modified with acrylic gels or colourful pastes. Acrylic paint has traditionally been used for crafting, especially popular in kindergartens and schools as the substance does not contain harsh chemicals. Any stains, splashes or accidents can easily be wiped away with just a clean cloth and water, therefore remnants of paint will not leave a stain on clothes.

Artists regularly choose acrylic paint from Reeves for their artwork, due to the strong, vibrant visual effect and quality finish. Your choice of colour will be highly pigmented in acrylic polymer emulsion with a thick yet fresh consistency allowing you to manipulate the uniformity of your creation.

Our customers love our collection of kaleidoscopic acrylic colours – all 50 shades in fact. These are available in three handy sizes to choose from including 400ml, 200ml and 75ml.

Brush Strokes of Genius

Why choose Reeves brushes for acrylic paint? We are proud to offer tools to artists to enable them to be inspired, use their imagination and create pieces of work that are completely unique. Spoil yourself by choosing from combinations of round and flat brushes to make every stroke glide, stipple or build drama on your material. In purchasing these tools, not only are they quality brushes for acrylic paint, but they can also be teamed with oil or watercolour paint. The shape and size of each brush can be your co-pilot in navigating complete control with colour, shade tone, weight and consistency for maximum impact or subtle effects to get the finished look you desire. For more info on the best practices, visit our brushes tips and tricks page.

Which Brushes to Use?

Deciding on which type of brush to use for acrylic painting can be a daunting task – there are many out there but we can narrow it down. You should have a vision in your mind of what you want to achieve, type of effect and finished result. If not, don’t worry – working freehand can also achieve impressive results.

If you want textural, raw effects, opt for stiffer brushes. On the flip side of this, softer brushes can be used for smoother brushstrokes with more blending. Bear in mind that acrylic paint is of a softer consistency in comparison to oils but much thicker than watercolours, therefore your choice of brush should not be too soft, but not too stiff to where your brush strokes will be restricted.

Typically synthetic brushes are best for acrylic painting as they offer a springier effect whilst being durable and maintain their shape well. If you are new to this style of art, this choice would be ideal. Natural bristle brushes which have been produced for use with oil paint also can be used for dabbling with acrylics – however be warned they are expensive.

Whichever you choose, give your brushes some TLC and attention after using them. Keep them immersed in water for a few days to avoid paint drying on the brush as undue moisture can ruin the natural fibres.

Invest in Brushes for Best Performance

Create award-winning masterpieces by getting the best results using the right brushes for acrylic paints. If you have an important or special project to work on, don’t fret, just trust Reeves. Get the best results by using our specially branded paint brushes.

Locate your nearest supplier for brushes for acrylic paint to get started on your next art project.

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