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Paper Tips and Tricks

Paper – without anything on it may seem basic, plain and empty but it is so much more than that. In the art world, paper takes on many personalities. With different sizes, compositions and mediums that it can be paired up with, paper opens up a path of endless arty possibilities and blank pages that you can fill with visions and inspiration from the deepest and most colourful segments of your imagination.

At Reeves, we offer an exciting range of acid free, textured, gummed paper that is designed to pair perfectly with various paints, crayons, pencils and glue. With a variety of paper sizes including A3, A4 and A5 no paper project is off limits, too big or too small.

Choose from our vast paper selection at Reeves

Whether you are an avid sketcher or looking to build your acrylic paint portfolio, we have a wide range of paper varieties that will perfectly match your art project. For the artist who is on the go and enjoys documenting anything they find eye-catching – try our sketchbooks – ideal to build a collection of pieces which even make for the perfect gift. Whatever your arty interest we’ve got the paper to pair it with!

Have some fun with our tracing paper – not just for architects and designers, you can use tracing paper to outline a favourite picture which you can then fill in with Reeves coloured pencils or paint. Trace photos to make portraits or a much-loved band’s album cover. Using tracing paper is also a great way to perfect your drawing skills and can even be used as a stepping stone to sketching paper.

Oil paint professionals and novices, test your paint brush out on some oil paper. Designed to work as the best suited partner for oil paint this gummed, acid free paper is the ideal surface to create oil paint masterpieces. Put your oil paint techniques to the test by becoming the proud owner of a Reeves oil pad.

Pair your paint brush with a Reeves watercolour pad. Carefully crafted to give your watercolour masterpieces the best possible results, this easy to use paper is perfect for beginners and experienced artists. Be sure to expand your paper horizons and discover our drawing paper which you can use to create unique sketches whether you are on the go or sitting in front of an inspirational subject. As one of the best art suppliers, pastel paper is one of our best-selling products and customers enjoy using it to bring their pastel visions to life.

Explore the dark side with our black paper. Delve into luminous colours that glow and glisten on this unique yet striking background. Get creative with shades and tones and dive down deep into the depths of your craft box to find the boldest and brightest colours that will stand out beautifully against the black paper.

Paper Techniques

The world of paper is wider than its rectangular appearance and the possibilities of where you can go with it on your artistic expedition are infinite. A great medium for paper is acrylic paint and at Reeves, we have our very own superb acrylic paper! There are many ways to have fun when putting acrylic paint to paper. One of the most popular methods is glazing – an ideal way to seal pencil sketches over paint, which you may find yourself doing once you start using paper.

Using a gel medium is a great way to achieve glazing. Simply mix a small bit of gel medium with the colour you would like to glaze with and a few drops of water then apply the glaze over existing strokes on your piece. Watch magic happen right before your eyes with this simple yet striking method that will give your painting an eye-catching, radiant appearance.

Set your creativity free and let your inspiration flow with our pastel paper. Get crafty with our oil pastel and soft pastel sets as you partner them with our specially designed paper that works it’s magic to give you incredible results. With pastel paper you can practice or adopt new techniques for using pastel paper. Unleash your book of pastel tricks and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Dusting with pastels is a fantastic way to use this medium differently and give your art project an amazing look. Sprinkle your masterpiece with pastel magic by holding your shade of choice over your pastel paper and shave the stick to create a powdery spritz of colour. Once you have your desired amount of colourful crumbs, pick up a paint knife and press the dust to your paper to create a glistening and silken effect.

At Reeves, we have carefully crafted various types of ethically sourced paper to partner perfectly with all your favourite mediums. Our paper will take your art abilities to the next level and are perfect for all skill levels from kids to adults. From our sketch books for the excited fingers to our watercolour pads for the van Gogh fanatics, our specially designed, textured paper will allow you to create piece after piece, perfecting your skills as you go.

Create a rainbow filled portfolio with Reeves coloured pads. Each page is a different colour filling a bound book for presenting or using as a reference book. Our paper is not just for drawing and painting on.

Discover the thrill of paper cutting where you can express your creativity through shapes, edges and symmetrical designs. The results from paper cutting offer a unique gift, home decoration, birthday present or fun activity for kids.

At Reeves, we want to guide you on your art journey which is why we have made marvellous surfaces to match our fantastic range of paints, pastels and pencils. Using paper as your chosen surface is the ultimate way to turn a blank page into something beautiful. From black paper where you can make dazzling pieces to sketchbooks that you can keep in your backpack at the ready in case you stumble on something inspirational and art worthy, Reeves are the one-stop shop for all your art needs.

Find your nearest Reeves retailer today and explore our exciting range of paper products and start creating something amazing!

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