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Pencils Tips and Tricks

Making Art with Pencils

Time to sharpen up and take on a different art form, there’s a new tool in town and it’s leading the way. What was once a tool for writing has evolved into a diverse crafty instrument that gives a different spin on art. Pencils are dominating the art world and now it’s time for you to take them on and add them to your craft box

Versatile and dynamic, these creativity sticks can be used for drawing, doodling and colouring. At Reeves, we offer a wide and exciting range of coloured, sketching and watercolour pencils that will make your work come alive and jump off the page.

Whether you are a beginner or a highly skilled pencil artist, our pencils will guide you all the way through every line, swirl, shade and shadow. Our high-quality graphite lead is tough and won’t break easily making them ideal for artists to take on any sketchy task on paper or card.

So, whether you are a sketch artist, new at drawing or simply enjoy the therapeutic comforts of colouring pick up a Reeves pencil today and let your fingertips do the work.

Intensify your World with Coloured Pencils

Dive into a multicoloured spectrum of shades and tones of pastels and solids, blues, greens, yellows and all the colours of the rainbow. Coloured pencils are a thrilling way to make art that will set your creativity ablaze.

Take your coloured pencils on a smooth ride across your page through sharp edges and soft swirls as you beautifully blend different shades together. Whether you are filling in an original drawing or enjoying the calmness of a colouring book, our coloured pencils are sure to get the job done in a jazzy and vibrant style.

Believe it or not, coloured pencils expand far beyond shading between the lines. There are several techniques which you can apply when using coloured pencils to make your piece radiate. For example, many artists choose to use Burnishing as their method for building up layers of colour across the entire surface until it becomes waxy.

Add some boldness to your piece with directional lines; drawing lightly in one direction using quick strokes over and over to layer colours and add intensity. Another method that not only works well with painting but also coloured pencils is scumbling. Move your pencil in a circular motion, layering over your marks. From this, you can achieve a distinct appearance and beautifully blended areas.

Coloured pencils and their multicoloured characteristics can take your imagination anywhere you desire. Put pencil to paper as you journey through whirls of mosaic and tie-die straight into the rainbow. With coloured pencils, you can let your self-expression roam free and set wild your unique ideas and creative concepts.

Sketching Pencils

Who said being sketchy was a bad thing? Sketching pencils are a great addition to your art box and learning how to use them is a fantastic way to expand your artistic knowledge and abilities. Carry one in your handbag with a drawing pad for spontaneous sketch ideas on your daily commute or transfer your ingenious design concepts onto paper at home. Easy to maintain and use, the value of sketch pencils should not be underestimated.

At Reeves, our strong graphite lead pencils are tough enough to withstand the heaviest of hands, ideal for hefty marking and drawing pressure. With a variety of lead softness, your fingertips can roam free from scribbling to sketching as you create a multitude of impressive effects. Ideal for both beginners and expert artists, sketching pencils will expose you to a new and thrilling side of art.

Sketching pencils also benefit many professionals from architects to accountants who need to use a light weighted lead in their daily tasks. Naturally, there are many techniques you can use to make your sketching top-notch art. Similar to painting, sketching shares some of the same methods that can add incredible effects to any piece.

Not just for painting, hatching and cross hatching can be applied using the wonder wand that is your sketching pencil. Hatching is a shading technique that is carried out by marking small lines close together. Cross-hatching is closely related except this time you repeat the process in the opposite direction which adds layers to your piece. One of the best things about hatching and cross-hatching is your ability to control how light or heavy your application is.

Why not give stipping a go! Stipping is another fantastic shading method that is similar to hatching only the lines are smaller. It is very effective for small details such as hair and also works wonders for blending.

Back and forth strokes, anyone can do it! Just like you did when you were a kid, this simple technique involves shading by moving your pencil back and forth in a quick motion. A great way to fill large areas – try different weights for multiple tones and shading effects.

The beautiful thing about sketching pencils is that you are in the cockpit steering the lead ship anywhere you want and have full control of how heavy or light, dark or bright you want your pencil to go. Etch, sketch, scribe, trace – sketching pencils are the ultimate way to exhibit your expression and parade your creativity.

Dive into Watercolour Pencils

Dive into a sea of colour where you can share your ideas and display your designs through an incredible craft tool – the watercolour pencil. This little pencil goes a long way with desired characteristics, it shares DNA with watercolour paint and sketching pencils making it the perfect recipe for a world-class art dish ready to serve up!

Watercolour pencils are incredibly versatile – comprised of water-soluble wax these interchanging chameleons can be used in a variety of forms making them ideal for experimenting with. So, don’t be afraid, get your lab coat on and choose your first colour.

Use them dry – one of watercolour pencil’s traits, they can be used just like regular coloured pencils just as they are. The wonderful thing about using watercolour pencils in their natural state is that they can be blended with other types of pencils.

Pair them with a brush – partner your watercolour pencils and your paint brush for the perfect duo as they hit centre stage to create a memorable masterpiece. Apply your watercolour pencil dry followed by a brush that has been dipped in water. Watch as your colours come to life with vibrant tones and popping pigments. This is a brilliant method that will add that extra oomph to your piece to make it really stand out.

Take your watercolour pencil for a dip before drawing. Applying a wet pencil to your paper will create bold and overstated colours which can then be stained or diluted by using a brush across your page. Use this method to give your piece a striking appearance with rich and vivid colour.

For beginners and advanced artists, watercolour pencils are a thrilling medium of choice. For those who know them well – enjoy brushing up on your skills. If you are drawing with watercolour pencils for the first time don’t be afraid, these art tools are made for trial and error and are truly fun utensils to work with. You will be amazed at what you can create with them as their varied qualities and ability to transform into various colourful forms unleashes your imagination and lets your artistic abilities grow and soar.

Get your hands on high quality artists pencils now and start your creative process with reeves – find a supplier near you.

Any type of pencil to help you make your mark!

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