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Acrylic – Red Pineapple

Step 1

This slice of fruit-related fun starts by you gathering all the materials you need from the ‘What You Need’ list. Now prime your palette with yellow ochre, white and lemon yellow acrylic paints. Mix your yellow ochre and white using water to make a cream colour. Use this to completely cover your acrylic paint board with a base coat.

Step 2

When the base coat has dried, draw uneven squares to make the body of your pineapple and now draw the leaf shapes to make its crest.

Step 3

Now mix your red acrylic with a little water and fill in your pineapple squares with a clean brush. Do the same for the leaves and watch a stylised red pineapple appear on your cream base. Try the same technique with different fruits. You’ll bowl over anyone you show them to.

This is what you’ll need

  • Acrylic colours
  • A4 Acrylic paint boards
  • Pencil
  • Acrylic brush
  • Glass of water (not available from Reeves)
  • Paint palette

You can get all of these items in the Reeves acrylic complete set (Barcode: 780804862096). Or why not create your own mix with one of our assorted colours tube sets, brush packs and paint boards sold separately. You’ll find everything you need with a stockist below or from online.

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