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Reeves Paint Brushes

From root to tip, bristle by bristle, it is important to find the perfect art brush to push your artistic limits as far as they can go. Go above and beyond on a journey of swishes and swirls, details and fine lines as Reeves art brushes guide you to becoming the aspiring artist you’ve always dreamt of. Our art brushes are specially crafted to pair perfectly with our acrylic, oil and watercolour paint. Customers love our superior brushes are made with either natural hog or synthetic bristles and are offered in round and flat styles that are versatile and adaptable as the perfect tool of choice for any art project.

With Reeves paint brushes you can not only create beautiful masterpieces but expand your skills and arty abilities through practice and precision. Our flat and round art brushes are the perfect addition to your craft box or even a great way to start building your collection as a budding artist. Whatever your surface of choice, whether it be canvas, paper, even a piece of furniture in desperate need of a makeover – our brushes are the perfect choice to deliver stunning results and guide you along the way. So, don’t be afraid, pick up your brush, be brave and begin your journey to creating fabulous and memorable art.

Types of Brushes

Discover our variety of Reeves paint brushes and get ready to be blown away by the diversity user friendliness of each brush which are designed to be used for specific arty tasks whether it be fine detail, broad stokes or filling in large areas. We offer a variety of round and flat brushes at the ready to give you a helping hand with your crafting needs.

Our flat brushes come in a variety of sizes that range from large, wide brushes all the way down to small, thin brushes. A square end with medium to long hairs they are ideal for achieving beautiful bold strokes, sharp edges, and intricate detail. As well as being perfectly fitting for spreading paint over large areas. Just like taking a spatula to a cake, flat brushes are the perfect partner to master your watercolour, acrylic or oil paint techniques.

Reeves round brushes have perfectly pointed tips and long bristle that huddle closely together. Ideal for outlining or achieving that careful, complex detail you can also use round brushes to fill in smaller sections of your piece.

Available in a variety of forms, our round brushes sport unique traits with individual characteristics to ensure each tiny detail is achievable in the way in which you desire. Pick up a pointed round brush for those tricky thin lines and any possible retouching. The sharp top on a pointed round allows you to paint the smallest parts of your piece. Detail round brushes speak for themselves with their descriptive name, however, their petite handle and short hairs work wonders for short strokes. So, whatever your need for a Reeves art brush, we have certainly got you covered from tip to handle.

Tips for Using Flat Art Brushes

As we have now learned, Reeves flat brushes pair perfectly with our acrylic, watercolour or oil paint. Now it is time to master the flat brush and take your paint palette by storm bristle by bristle. A great technique to take on when using a flat brush is flat wash. This effective method is handy to add to your book of art tricks and can be used almost every time you paint. With a flat wash you can create a flawless ribbon of colour without disruption or error.

Let the paint flow down and allow gravity to do its job – tilt your surface at an angle to let the paint drip downwards. Naturally, flat brushes are an ideal fit for the job and using one of your larger flat brushes will give you the best results. Load your brush with just enough paint to be able to get the job done in one take as flat washing is a quick business! Simply start in the corner of your section and touch your brush to the surface and gently pull straight across to the opposite corner. Voilà – you have a perfect flat wash line!

Tips for Using Round Art Brushes

Once you have mastered the flat brush you can take on round brush techniques. With fine bristles and a thin appearance these arty wands are perfect for achieving those fine details and shapes. Round brushes work beautifully for scroll work and you can kick things up a notch by mastering multi-coloured scroll work. This technique will add kaleidoscopic character to your piece with a pick and mix of shades and tones that blend together in a concoction of colours.

Simply begin by dampening your round brush and adding some luminous colour to one side of the head. Then on the other side of the brush add another colour. Once your freshly prepared paint mixture is ready, gently push down on your surface then lift up the brush with a little twist as you come around. Repeat the process even adding different colours and admire your bespoke results you will be left with. Don’t be afraid, the colours will graciously blend into each other and you can even add a third colour to the tip of your brush. Have fun with this method and enjoy making recipes of multi-coloured magic and watching them come to life right in front of your eyes.

With Reeves paint brushes you can master every swish, swirl and stroke as our round and flat brushes become the magic wand to your masterpiece. Adding our paint brush sets to your craft box are the ultimate way to build your collection and expand your arty skills. Just remember, practice makes perfect so put hand to brush and be on your way to becoming an art brush superstar.

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