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Oil Pastels for Beginners

Are you an oil pastel newbie? Is the wonderful world of oil pastels an area you have yet to delve into? Don’t fear – planet oil pastels is a colourful and whimsical delight that will open up your arty imagination and allow you to learn about a unique medium and adopt new techniques on your creative journey.

A new and improved version of the crayon, oil pastels are incredible creation sticks that will get imaginations pumping full of ideas, colour and originality. Use every colour of the rainbow to soar and shine as the up-and-coming artist you are destined to be! Escape through swirls and shapes of tones and shades – the perfect tool for budding artists – Reeves oil pastels are a fantastic way to expand your arty knowledge and continue your fresh, new journey in the world of art.

What are Oil Pastels?

As a novice artist picking up oil pastels for the first time – don’t be afraid. These versatile crayons are made up of a soft, oily composition that makes them the perfect tool for blending. Made from a recipe of pigment with a non-drying oil and wax binder, Reeves oil pastels pair perfectly with canvas, paper, wood and even glass! Your limits are endless with oil pastels as your potential for creation ranges from paintings to hang on your wall to giving your furniture a whole new look by adding your own personal flair to an old coffee table or dresser.

By using oil pastels, you can unleash your imagination and let your creative boundaries open wide by picking up new skills and learning fresh ways to use this diverse medium. Oil pastels are a fun and exciting choice for all beginners that will uplift your inspiration and send you on your way to become a great artist.

Ideas for Oil Pastels

As you begin to learn about oil pastels and how to use them it is advisable to start out with subjects that won’t be too complicated. Still life is a great way for beginners to ease themselves into the use of oil pastels. Search the house for a juicy red apple or a beautiful bouquet of roses, find some good lighting and begin your first oil pastel masterpiece. Don’t be discouraged on your first try, there’s plenty of time for practice – use this time for trial and error, get to know the medium and don’t be afraid to stop and start again.

When it comes to choosing your surface for your first-time oil pastel piece, opting for paper is a great choice as it is simple and excellent for oil pastels to adhere to and is easily replaced if and when mistakes are made. Be sure to find your local Reeves supplier to browse our variety of paper such as pastel paper – designed to pair beautifully with your Reeves oil pastels.

Oil Pastel Techniques

Now you have picked the perfect subject and surface, it’s time to master some techniques. As an apprentice artist, you may find it easier to sketch your project with a pencil first then fill it in with your oil pastels. The pencil will erase easily so you don’t need to worry about leftover outlines.

The beauty of oil pastels is its ability to blend magnificently which can be achieved through heavy pressure blending and light pressure blending. Blending is a great oil pastel technique for beginners to ease yourself into becoming the next Van Gogh. With heavy pressure blending, you simply add your colour of choice onto your paper followed by adding layers of different colours on top. This creates a striking, bold and textured effect With light pressure blending, the action is the same but with less pressure to achieve a delightful medley of shades and tones.

Colour mixing is another great skill to pick up as a budding artist. Apply a generous layer of oil pastel colour then add a different colour on top. Continue to layer and blend until you achieve your desired look. When blending and mixing don’t be afraid to dive into the deep end – your fingers are your brushes and you can blend and mix to create magic on the page. Be mindful not to brush off any dusty pigment on the page as this could cause smudging on your beautiful piece. Carefully lift the paper and tap to allow the excess pigment to fall off.

Reeves oil pastels are a fantastic tool for artists in training. It will open up your colourful mind to a world where you can learn to mix, blend and build colours directly from your imagination. As a beginner, you can learn oil pastel techniques and experiment with various surfaces as you expand your creative knowledge, talent and boundaries. Introduce your fingers to a medium that is fun and inspiring, a refreshing tool for any novice artist that is great to work with and a fantastic guide on your colourful and creative journey.

Your colourful oil pastels!

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