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Watercolour – Pumpkin Centrepiece

Step 1

Slay the table with this Halloween centrepiece. Here’s how to do it: fold a sheet of A4 paper in half and draw half a pumpkin-shaped outline. Cut that bad boy out, check the shape is ok and cut in half. Transfer it onto an old, well-read book.

Step 2

Time to slice and dice. Grab a scalpel and (carefully) cut round the pumpkin shape. Mix a watery orange. Paint the edges of the pages. Mix a watery green and paint the stalk.

Step 3

Heat your glue gun and apply glue down the spine and on the covers. Press the covers together and paperclip in place. Let everything dry before flaring your pages out. Glue your green ribbons to the top of the pumpkin for some next level Halloween style.

This is what you’ll need

•Cutting mat
•Watercolour paper
•Glass of water
•Craft knife
•Green ribbon (not available from Reeves)
•Glue gun (not available from Reeves)
•Scissors (not available from Reeves)
•Well-read book (not available from Reeves)


You can get all of these items in the Reeves watercolour complete set (Barcode: 780804862102). Or why not create your own mix with one of our assorted colours sets and brush packs sold separately. You’ll find everything you need with a stockist below or from online.

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