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Watercolour – Watercolour Bunting

Step 1

Make sure you’ve got all the materials you need by checking the ‘What You Need’ tab above. Now start by mixing your favourite colours in your palette. This bunting-based project is all about the washes, so don’t be shy and use lots of water. Now apply them to your A6 watercolour paper, letting your watery watercolours bleed and blend until you’ve covered the whole sheet with wonderful gradients of colour. Do the same on as many other sheets as you need for your bunting. Don’t forget to wash your brush between colours!

Step 2

When they’re nice and dry, draw a triangle on the bottom of each sheet with your pencil and ruler. Then get cutting (carefully of course) using your craft knife and cutting mat.

Step 3

Punch holes in the top of each sheet and thread your sheets through. Voila! Your own limited-edition bunting that’s bright enough to festoon any occasion, or just as a unique decoration for your favourite space!

This is what you’ll need

  • Watercolours – pick your favourite colours
  • A6 watercolour paper
  • Watercolour brush
  • Paint palette
  • Hole punch (not available from Reeves)
  • Glass of water (not available from Reeves)
  • String (not available from Reeves)
  • Cutting mat (not available from Reeves)
  • Ruler (not available from Reeves)
  • Craft knife (not available from Reeves)
  • Scissors (not available from Reeves)

You can get all of these items in the Reeves watercolour colour complete set (Barcode: 780804862102). Or why not create your own mix with one of our assorted colours tube sets, brush packs and paper sold separately. You’ll find everything you need with a stockist below or from online.

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