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Acrylic Painting Ideas for Collages, Photo Frames and Mirrors

Get Creative with Acrylic Painting Ideas

Getting creative with acrylic paint is not just about putting brush to canvas, paper or even wood. There are so many ways you let your inspiration soar and set your creativity free by thinking outside the craft box of the many ways you can express yourself through art. When it comes to using Reeves acrylic paint, this quick drying, easily adaptable, sturdy medium is the ideal substance of choice for getting crafty and adding a burst of colour to your home or workspace. Use acrylic paint to jazz up ordinary household items or create abstract pieces that tell the story of who you are and exhibit your unique style.

Acrylics are a water-soluble medium made from a recipe of synthetic resin binder and pigments with no need for thinners to dilute therefore making it easy and fun to use. Acrylic paint becomes waterproof after drying which is another admired characteristic of this diverse paint that makes it ideal for funking up photo frames, bedazzling mirrors and creating the ultimate self-expressive collage paintings. Brainstorming ideas to get inventive is all part of the fun of crafting but for now let us inspire you with some great arty ideas to get you started.

Collage Painting with Acrylics

Collage painting is a way for you to exhibit your own ideas, visions, interests and style in one piece of art. Pick a theme or give it an abstract vibe with a variety of different concepts and designs. Your collage is a way for you to let your inspiration roam free – there are no rules. Use a board, canvas or paper and add cut-outs from newspapers or magazines, photographs, memorable objects – the arty possibilities are endless.

One way to apply Reeves acrylic paint to your collage is to create separate acrylic designs on paper or card, cut and stick them to your collage painting. By doing this you can use several acrylic paint techniques to create designs to add to your piece. Make images from flicking; the method of using your brush to flick paint onto your surface to create a splatter look. Whether you are a beginner artist or long-time painter, why not give scumbling a go where you build layers of colour on top of each other to create a vibrant and textured effect.

When using acrylic paint to add individual pieces to your collage, be diverse with your tools of choice – it doesn’t have to just be all about the paint brushes. Have fun and be playful, use sponges, clothes, even explore paint knife techniques to make masterpiece worthy effects.

Your collage painting is an expression of you as an artist and as a person, so have fun and illustrate your character, style and artistic flair.

Painting Photo Frames with Acrylic Paint

Reeves acrylic paint can be used in many ways and for a variety of surfaces. Looking to spruce up your living room? Or simply wanting to create a memorable gift for someone special? Painting a photo frame is the ultimate way to do this. Express your passion for art by transforming a basic object into something that is bursting with colour, vibrancy and may even make someone smile. Simply choose a plain photo frame or even make your own by gluing together four pieces of wood.

Add some flair to dull and lifeless pieces with not just paint but other fun and creative crafts to make any frame an incredible work of art. Use your Reeves acrylic paint and apply your acrylic skills to create patterns through the use of scumbling; brushing broken layers of paint over each other to create fabulous texture, glazing; mixing thin glaze with pigment to make your piece glisten, or even try stippling; painting tiny dots of colour to make up one striking pattern. All acrylic paint tricks that would typically be used on canvas, paper or even glass can also be applied to newly jazzed up photo frame.

When painting your photo frame, you can add material to make it pop. Paint toilet paper rolls with acrylics and once dried, carefully flatten the rolls and cut into roughly half inch pieces to make beautiful petal shapes. With glue, attach the petals to your fame and voilá, you can display your new photo frame with unique 3D effects.. When it comes to painting your photo frame, there are no limits to where you can go with theme, style and inspiration. Design a bespoke piece for gift for a loved one or as the perfect accent to your living room. Painting a photo frame with Reeves acrylic paints is a fantastic project that everyone can get involved in and enjoy the rewards.

Painting Mirrors with Acrylic Paint

Mirrors – we all have them, in our livings rooms, bathrooms even bedrooms. However, who said they couldn’t be hanging with style, making a bold statement of art right inside our homes or workspace. Painting on a mirror with Reeves acrylic paint is a great activity that can even be enjoyed in a group setting. Dazzle up your room by making your mirror a work of art to bring vibrant energy to any area. Pair up your paint with the colours of your room or go completely abstract and choose bold, bright and loud colours that pop like an Andy Warhol painting.

When painting on a mirror you can choose to paint the frame but you can let your creativity seep out of your arty mind and paint the actual mirror itself. Using acrylic paints to do this will add embellishment to any mirror and you can add unique designs or inspirational quotes to motivate you for the day ahead. Just like painting a photo frame, with mirror frames you can also glue objects to the frame to make it stand out with your own original style.

Another great idea for painting on a mirror is to get your hands on several mirrors of all shapes and sizes, decorate them with acrylics in any way you desire, then hang them all together in a non-uniform fashion to make a beautiful mirror collage, hand made by yours truly.

Painting objects around your home or workspace is a superb way to exhibit your self-expression and add your own personal flair to home accessories. Not only is this a fantastic way to perfect your arty skills but it also makes great personalised gifts and can be a fun group activity that everyone will love. Taking something plain and transforming it into a wonderous work of art is the ultimate project for artists of all levels. So, start searching around your home or office for ways to jazz up unnoticed accessories and add vibrancy, energy and most importantly, colour to your life.

A photo frame, a mirror, your imagination and some acrylics!

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