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Paint by Numbers Tips and Tricks

Number by number, piece by piece, colour by colour – follow the rules and you will be amazed by what you can create. Whether you are an avid artist or simply wanting to unwind with some therapeutic painting, Reeves paint by numbers kits could not be easier.

Paint by numbers is as simple as following the code where the picture itself is divided into shapes and marked with a number which matches to a specific colour. Follow the pattern and watch your painting emerge to reveal a colourful masterpiece created especially by you!

An exciting aspect of paint by numbers is that its initial appearance is sparse and colourless, but as you continue to fill in the shapes a picture begins to take form. Stand back and admire your completed art project which has brought a blank page to a stunning picture.

Our Reeves paint by numbers kits come in small, large and extra-large sizes and we have kits just for kids and adults. Don’t have any art tools? No need to worry, our kits come complete with acrylic paint, brushes and board – all you need is some water and your crafty mind’s eye. Explore our selection of kits with over 100 different designs you will never get tired of paint by numbers, a fantastic activity for groups, kids, to give as a gift or to simply tap into your artistic side.

Forms of paint by numbers is a craft that has been around for many years. Believe it or not, the renowned Italian artist Di Vinci himself developed his own style of this popular pastime. He allocated his subordinates to paint areas of his work that he has already sketched and numbered. Pretty impressive!

Paint by Numbers Teaches us to be Better Artists

In addition to being a fun activity and great for unwinding, paint by numbers is a fantastic way to brush up on your crafty skills and even better for beginner artists. Paint by numbers helps you grow as an artist and expand your arty attributes. It can help in understanding the perception that painting is comprised of various shades and shapes of colour. It allows you to recognise that individual objects on a painting may seem like nothing but when put together, make up a beautiful image.

Reeves paint by numbers kits can continue to aid your self-discovery of painting by teaching you to see shapes of colour without the help of outlines. A paint by numbers project allows you to study a subject and distinguish areas of colour while concentrating on small sections and what colours they should be instead of thinking ahead and becoming mixed up due to only focusing on the finished product. For aspiring artists, it is also a fantastic way to teach those crafty fingers of yours excellent brush techniques and control so that by the time you move onto your own freehand pieces, you will be an absolute wizard of strokes, swishes and detail of any size.

Paint by Numbers Kits for Adults

Paint by numbers is not just for the little painters – in fact, at Reeves, we have specially designed paint by numbers kits just for adults. With more of a challenge and a wide range of intricate and fascinating prints to choose from, you will soon be on your way to creating masterpiece after masterpiece. Update your painting skills and discover the ins and outs of what it takes to be a truly great artist. From small to extra-large paint by numbers kits, you can choose from monumental landmarks like big ben, fierce nature like our ‘On the Prowl’ tiger image or why not go for a classic yet intricate piece such as ‘Eating Alfresco’ or ‘Ballerinas’.

Whether you are a budding artist or new to the world of colours and creation, paint by numbers kits for adults offer complex designs that are simple to achieve and will leave you with beautiful results which you will be proud to hang on your wall.

Children’s Paint by Numbers Kits

Open up the little minds of the arty entrepreneurs of the future with Reeves children’s paint by numbers kits. Perfect for junior artists or simply just an activity to keep the kids entertained, our junior paint by numbers kits are bound to make young imaginations soar through a realm of colour, excitement and innovative creation.

Teach kids to follow the system and stay inside the lines – a great activity to stimulate young minds and teach the basic methods of painting. With hundreds of children’s paint by numbers kits to choose from, the beginner artists can embark on a pirate adventure, a fairy tale filled with dragons and unicorns or even their favourite animals such as cats and kangaroos. Our children’s paint by numbers kits are the ultimate way to expand kid’s creative minds and share with them the joy of art. Be sure to check out our paint by numbers artist’s starter sets which are perfect for any rookie painter of any age.

Paint by Numbers Tips

Did you think paint by numbers was just a case of following number by number and colour by colour? That’s not quite the case. There are several paint by numbers tips that can not only help you master your paint by numbers skills but can guide you to becoming an overall better artist.

An important thing to keep in mind when painting by numbers is to paint each colour at a time starting from the largest area to the smallest. By doing this you will not have to spend a lot of time washing paint brushes and wasting paint. Starting your painting from the top and working your way down also helps prevent any accidental smudging.

Another useful tip is to start with darkest to light colours or the other way around. This helps you to gain a deeper understanding of the composition of colours and how they affect one another. Be careful not to drown your brush in a paint bath – just a little will do just fine and will make the process easier for you so you are not risking excess paint dripping into restricted areas of your picture.

The final paint by numbers tip is to have fun with your project. Follow the rules but don’t be afraid to invent your own. Take your time and enjoy the thrill of transforming a blank outline into something luminescent and wonderful.

With our paint by numbers kits you can unwind, have fun, bond, learn and teach. Many of our customers enjoy this hobby as a group activity or relaxing time alone. Get lost in painting bright blue skies or fiery eyes. Whatever your interests – we’ve got a paint by numbers kit for you. Take up a new hobby, master new skills and set yourself out on the path to becoming a brilliant artist with projects that will keep you coming back for more.

Be on your way to becoming a paint master today by finding your local Reeves supplier and get your crafty hands on a paint by numbers kit.

Your paint by numbers kit!

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