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Paint by Numbers - Labrador Dog

Paint by Numbers - Labrador Dog

Paint by Numbers Kit - Labrador

Discover the joy of acrylic painting with our Labrador Paint by Numbers Kit as mans best friend meets arts most popular media. This delightful kit features an endearing image of a Labrador dog, capturing the essence of this beloved breed's charm and loyalty. Ideal for novice painters, this acrylic paint by numbers kit offers a relaxing and rewarding creative experience.

Inside the kit is a pre-printed, high-quality canvas with clearly marked sections, ensuring a simple and stress-free painting experience. You’ll also find a complete set of 17 individually numbered acrylic paints, each assigned to specific areas of the canvas, allowing you to effortlessly bring the image to life with vibrant, true-to-life colour. A set of four brushes in different sizes is also provided, to help you achieve both intricate details and broader strokes.

This Labrador Paint by Numbers Kit not only serves as a fun pastime but also makes the perfect gift for dog lovers and art enthusiasts alike. Once completed, the 12" x 16" artwork becomes a heart-warming piece that can adorn any wall, celebrating the lovable nature of Labradors.

Paint by Numbers Set Contents 

1 x Pre-printed 12" x 16" (305mm x 406mm) canvas board
4 x Synthetic Paint Brushes in different sizes
17 x 13ml acrylic paints in individually numbered pots
1 x Step-by-step guide

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