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Ideas for Upcycling Furniture with Acrylics

Upcycle your Furniture with Acrylics

Creating beautiful art is not always about putting brush to canvas or paper or any commonly used surface. When it comes to painting there are so many ways that you can span across the world of crafting and explore unique ways to express your creativity and discover various objects to use as surfaces.

Let your inspiration soar and exhibit your inventiveness by spreading it throughout your home or workspace with the exciting activity that is furniture upcycling. This creative project can transform your home and style by taking your old furniture pieces that are drab and sad and turn them into something magnificent, full of colour and life.

Add some zest to that old chest of drawers or filter some vibrancy back into that outdated coffee table that’s been sitting in the corner unnoticed. Interested in furniture upcycling but have nothing that needs a makeover lying around the house? No need to worry, just pop down to your local second-hand store and see what potential projects you can find – searching for the perfect piece is one of the most enjoyable parts of furniture upcycling! With Reeves acrylic paints you can transform any old piece of furniture into something that will add excitement to any room and uplift your senses through Feng shui and unique style.

Preparing your Furniture for Upcycling

Once you have chosen your project, it is time to prepare it for its transformation. Unfortunately, you can’t just paint your piece and wait for it to dry, but the process is all part of the fun. In some cases, your chosen piece may have been sitting in a corner accumulating dust so be sure to give it a wipe down before you begin. If your piece contains drawers, make sure they are removed and worked on separately.

The next step is to get sanding. You want your surface to be perfectly prepared to be able to hold onto paint that is applied so get your hands on some sand paper. Stripping the glossy finish will leave you with a surface that is ready to be primed.

Dust off your piece of furniture, it’s time to prime! Applying primer to your piece will cover any stains and have your wood ready for transformation.

It is recommended to sand again and in between coats of paint with a fine-grit sandpaper to ensure you are achieving the best possible finish – but remember to dust off any excess dust each time.

Once you have prepped and primed it’s time for the really exciting part – painting! With this part of the process you can get as creative as possible. When it comes to brainstorming ideas for upcycling furniture, think outside the craft box. Let your inspiration roam free and use your artistic imagination to come up with a unique style that is an expression of your personality, talent and lifestyle. Paint against the rules – you don’t have to stick to solid and neutral colours. Be bold and use loud colours and even creating patterns or murals to bring your piece of furniture to life.

Acrylic Painting Techniques for Furniture

It’s not just canvas or paper where you can show off your mastered acrylic paint techniques – and for beginners, don’t worry – practice these methods on some paper beforehand and you’ll be ready in no time to transfer your skills onto your furniture and turning your home or workspace into an Eden of colour and comfort.

Believe it or not, when using acrylic paint on furniture you can apply some of the commonly used techniques that are usually used for painting on canvas or paper. Both beginners and experts, be playful with your upcycling adventure by using some classic acrylic methods to spruce up your piece.

Stippling doesn’t have to be just for a landscape or portrait. Create an assembly of tiny dots to make up a pattern or exhibit effective texture. Flicking is another great technique that can be used to make your piece pop. Dip your paint brush in the shade of your choice then slightly wet the brush and gently flick paint onto your piece to create a splatter effect. This is a great way to add a funky flair to that chest of drawers or jazz up your coffee table.

A fantastic method that is fun and simple for artists of all levels is dabbing. Using an acrylic paint covered sponge use a corner to dab colour onto your furniture. This can give your project great texture and is even a nifty way to cover your entire piece with this striking and edgy look. Try mixing colours with sponging by applying one colour then a different colour on top to give your upcycled furniture a multi-coloured, pick and mix, tie die appearance.

If you are bold and brave enough to take on an upcycling challenge, why not give your piece some fine detail. Paint a mural on your furniture by creating your favourite animal, or escape to a sandy paradise beach. Add your most adored flowers or dive deep into your imagination and reveal your inventiveness to create a stunning bespoke pattern by freehand painting using a fine, thin brush to achieve perfect strokes and intricate lines.

Once your impressive masterpiece is complete, make sure it is stored in a well-ventilated room where it can dry for approximately 24 hours. Once dried, it is time to protect! Sealing your furniture will give it that extra protection from unavoidable mug rings or wine stains and makes it easier to clean. You can use a special sealant or wax to cover your piece. Once dry, it is ready to be put out for display.

Furniture upcycling with acrylic paint is the ultimate way to exhibit your artistic abilities and incorporate self-expression and personal style into your home or workspace. There is no better way to unleash your creativity than taking something old and run down and turning it into a magnificent masterpiece – bursting with life and colour. Upcycling furniture is also a great way to redecorate on a budget. There are no rules with this type of project, opening the rainbow doors for you to let your creativeness soar higher than ever before as you use your arty skills and your imagination to make personal gifts or bespoke pieces that you can cherish forever.

Find your local Reeves supplier and get your hands on a set of acrylic paints today to begin your furniture upcycling journey!

Some furniture in need of some love, and your favourite acrylics

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