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Oil Painting on Canvas for Beginners

Novice artists, beginner painters, aspiring creators – starting out on your art journey is an exciting and educational time. As a fresh artist, it is important to set your creative hands out in the right direction and learning to paint with oil paint is a great introduction into the world of shapes and colours. Oil painting on canvas is a great way for beginners to adjust to painting and gain practice using two of the most classically used art tools of all time.

Don’t be fearful of this adored medium, oil paints have been widely used by artists for hundreds of years and its delicate composition offers various uses. Having oil paints in your tool box is the ultimate rite of passage in the art world and something all aspiring artists should try. What better way to experience Reeves oil paints than to pair them with the perfect partner – canvas. Our Reeves canvases are made from 100% cotton and come pre-stretched – ready to be transformed into your very own masterpiece.

With both tools, creative possibilities are endless. Let your inspiration flow from the tip of your brush to the fibres of your canvas with a medium that has evolved through the ages. Choose to perfect projects that represent times gone by or use your Reeves oil paint to create a modern masterpiece. Continue to read our guide for the best tips on oil painting on canvas for beginners.

Ideas for Oil Painting on Canvas for Beginners

Working with oil paints and canvas is a great way for novices to really get a feel for what it is to be a true artist. There is nothing more classic than setting up an easel, propping up your Reeves canvas and filling your palette with a medley of luminescent oil paint colours. Now, you are prepped with all the correct tools, it is time to pick a subject.

Don’t start off too big, with smaller paintings you can experiment with new oil paint techniques without spending too much time or material on the project, you can even practice on paper before moving on to canvas.

Flowers and Still Life

Why not give flowers a go – an easy to tackle subject, even if it is not as realistic as anticipated, it can still look like a great piece of art.

Still life is great for oil painting on canvas for beginners. A classic subject of the 19th century which is particularly fitting for oil paints, still life suits fresh artists as you can start with a sketch of the object and build on the details as you go – a great way to master current skills and learn new ones.

Shapes and Forms

If you wish to start out with something simpler, try your hand at painting shapes. This easy to master subject is a great way to ease your arty self into the world of canvas techniques and oil paints. Shapes are a great way to learn how to form lines and discover the various uses of a multitude tones and shades.

Abstract Art

If you are looking to simply just get messy and put paint brush to canvas, then have a go at an abstract piece. There are no rules with abstract, you can let your imagination flow free and your creativity soar high and take it wherever you desire. It is an easy-going and fun form of creation where you can experiment with various methods, shapes and colours to make a unique piece – a perfect illustration of your ideas and skills. Abstract art is fantastic for oil painting on canvas for beginners.

Oil Painting on Canvas Techniques

Once you have the ideal subject, you can move on to mastering some techniques. Types of layering are good methods for beginner artists as they do not involve much fine detail. The practice of impasto involves applying thick layers of paint to create a three-dimensional look. It is a striking effect that will make any painting pop.

Be sure to let each layer dry before applying the next coat for optimal results. You can also start out with lighter shades and gradually move to darker with each layer or vice versa to create incredible effects of abstract tones.

Oil painting on canvas for beginners is a refreshing and exciting way for novices to get a feel for what it really means to be an artist. There is nothing more classical than sitting in front of a canvas with oil paints, prepped and ready to create a unique masterpiece. It is a fantastic way to discover the correct use of paint brushes and other tools as well as deepening your understanding of oil paints and how they pair with canvas.

Take your painting adventure to the next level as you learn how to adapt to new tools and a fresh new medium that can guide you to mastering your skills and become the colourful and brilliant artist you are destined to be.

Some oil paints, canvas and a big splash of creativity!

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